Friday, June 17, 2011


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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Massage after Miscarriage

Recently a student wrote the following:
Hi Leslie,
I enjoyed your class immensely!
On Monday I had one of my yoga students call and tell me that she lost
her baby, and that she was having a lot of sadness in her body.
She needed some support and wanted post-natal massage.
Do you have anything ceremonies or ideas to help me support her move through this

Birth Quote

"When we birth consciously, putting our great rational mind on hold and allowing our instinctive nature to dominate, we can access the wisdom that all spiritual traditions teach: the ego is our servant, not our mistress; and our path to ecstasy and enlightenment involves surrendering our egotistical notions of control." Sarah Buckley, Australian MD


Promote Labor with Acupuncture

At the end of pregnancy, women and families get impatient for baby to arrive. There are alot of methods people try to encourage labor to begin. Baby as plenty to say about this, when she or he is ready, she may help to trigger the release of hormones that cause contractions to begin. In my experience of being part of 100's of births, I have seen acupuncture have a dramatic effect on initiating labor, speeding labor, and in reducing the rate of Cesarean sections.

A study was done at the University of North Carolina on the use of acupuncture to stimulate labor. 28 women between 39 ½ to 41 weeks pregnant, received three acupuncture sessions, while 28 women did not.

Results are as following: "Among those who received acupuncture, 70% went into labor without medical intervention. This compares to 50% of those who received standard care. The women who got acupuncture were also less likely to deliver by cesarean section -- 39% compared to 17%.

'"We had almost a 50% reduction in the C-section rate," researcher Terry Harper, MD, tells WebMD. The study appeared in the August 2006 issue of The Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine."

I have witnessed acupressure, massage, nurturing touch and support, and hypnotherapy all have positive effects on how a woman experiences her labor and birth.