Sunday, February 24, 2013

Holistic Pelvic Care

Tami Kent is a physical therapist in Oregon, who has treated thousands of women for pelvic floor pain, dysfunction, and energetic disassociation, using internal pelvic floor massage. I had a session with her several years ago, and was moved by her wisdom and ability to read what was happening inside my body with deep listening, intuition, and doing myofascial release of the muscles of my interior pelvis.  I think of her like a yoni-shaman; in some circles she is known as the yoni-whisperer! The awareness I got from my session stayed with me and has been influencing my work and life journey since then.

I have since trained with her to do this work, and am finding women are having similarly powerful experiences. One client says the menopausal dryness of her vagina has not been an issue since our session. A postpartum client said that the pain she was suffering from since birthing a year before, was greatly alleviated in one session. Others talk about the healing that has come from simply having attentive presence in their pelvis, where they did not have to give something away to sexual expectations, where it was not uncomfortable like an exam, where it was not focused on menstruation, cancer, or birthing,  but instead, it was about them, and their connection to and presence with the root wisdom that resides in what I consider the pelvic "temple". It's there for all of us, all the time.

Tami said to me recently: "You have to be your own protector." This resonates with me. We are the residents of our bodies, and when connected to this root pelvic place, we can hear more clearly our intuitive wisdom, and our natural wild feminine energy.  We remember to nurture and care for ourselves more readily in a world that often denies our root wisdom. When we listen in closely we hear the call to fulfill our creative desires, or to nurture more rest time, which allows for our internal wisdom to flourish. WHen we align with our core, we don't give ourselves away and end up depleted and resentful. We are able to establish healthy boundaries and clear Yes and No's.

Holistic Pelvic Care is awakening a revolution of awareness in our women's society, helping restore wholeness and congruence with our natural energies.
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