Monday, January 31, 2011

Blood Clots and Massage During Pregnancy- For massage therapists

There are many inaccurate beliefs about perinatal massage, but there are also real and important precautions and contraindications during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. Massage therapists intending to work with this clientele need to cultivate an in-depth knowledge of the physiological changes during pregnancy and postpartum, with the skill to implement adaptations relative to minor risks, and the ability to recognize some symptoms of high-risk situations.

One primary concern
is to practice with awareness and care relative to the higher frequency of blood clot formation during pregnancy and postpartum. During pregnancy the risk of blood clots increases by 5 times. During the first 6 weeks postpartum, the risk of clots increases even more. Pay attention to massage applications to the lower extremities: attention to the signs and symptoms of blood clots and avoiding deep pressure, jostling, and compressive stripping techniques to the calves and inner thighs of all pregnant women, will eliminate the concern about dislodging clots during pregnancy.

As perinatal massage education increases, fears and myths about its dangers decrease.Therapists who learn accurate and appropriate cautions and contraindications, can help dispel myths and assuage unwarranted fears. Armed with knowledge and gifted with the ability to offer safe, caring touch, the massage therapist can help pregnant women reduce anxiety, and increase their pleasurable experiences of their pregnancy.

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