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How To Use Acupressure for Birth: Accessing points

If you wanted to use acupressure to help support labor, which points would you use, and How? The technique of application is just as important as which points are used; simply rubbing your finger over a point for a moment or two while talking about the weather is not apt to get much effect.

Let's examine some basic principles of acupressure in this posting and in the next, we'll look at two primary points that can help improve effectiveness of contractions and support labor to progress.

SEE WITH YOUR FINGERS: Acupressure points are located in slightly different places on each person. When searching for a point, imagine "seeing" with your fingers more than with your eyes. Feel for an energetic opening in the location of that point. It may feel like a dip in the tissue that draws your finger in. It may feel warm, ...
or it may just call your finger to rest there. When you are calm and quiet, it happens naturally.

GROUNDING YOURSELF: Before beginning, ground yourself and awaken this sensitivity. You are working with energy, not the musculoskeletal system. Imagine each time you inhale that your breath flows from your nose down to your feet and roots into the earth. Calm your mind. Then begin holding the recipients' hand or area of the body you will be working on. Gently allow your finger or hand to be drawn into the acupressure point of interest, slowly increasing pressure until you feel you sense contact with an energetic pulsing. Once you are accustomed to finding the points, this can happen quickly.

Some acupoints are particularly sensitive, such as Spleen 6, on the lower leg. The mother will be able to tell you right away that you have found the point. Other points do not have such a strong physical response, and instead they are felt with an energetic flow.

SETTING INTENTION: Now that you have found the point, hold it while envisioning your intent in accessing this point. Are you wanting contractions to increase? Are you wanting baby to move? Are you wanting pain to diminish?

Envision this point opening energy that allows mother and baby's body/mind/spirits to align with a universal flow of energy; all obstacles are removed and the acupressure meridian rivers are flowing freely.

Hold a point for 1-3 minutes, and then move onto the next.

Remember, these are not magic buttons that make dramatic changes immediatly. But used over time, as a nurturing support, with clear intention, the mother may relax more, her body mind and spirit may be assisted to find a stronger alignment with Self and with the pulsing birth energy. Some points stimulate hormonal balancing, some help with emotional balancing, and some with physical balancing, all of which is necessary for birth to flow with ease.

Some points are better used DURING contractions, and some in-between. It depends on where the points are located, and what you are using them for. I often use Large Intestine 4, on the hand, during contractions to help diminish pain. Between contractions I help relax the hands and shoulders, in this case, returning to the acupressure during the next contraction again. Other points feel best when used after the contraction is over. This is entirely up to the mother and how it feels to her.

WHEN TO STOP: As long as it feels good, or seems to help, continue using points intermittently. I recommend using a pain relieving point for at least 3 contractions before deciding it is not working.

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