Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Massage after Miscarriage

Recently a student wrote the following:
Hi Leslie,
I enjoyed your class immensely!
On Monday I had one of my yoga students call and tell me that she lost
her baby, and that she was having a lot of sadness in her body.
She needed some support and wanted post-natal massage.
Do you have anything ceremonies or ideas to help me support her move through this

Some of my response below:
Ah, so sad.. Clearly you have the skills and heart to be present for this woman in need. For bodywork: I would suggest creating a sacred, womb sanctuary space in your office and holding her within that.

Acupressure on the Governing Vessel, right between each bony prominence (spinous process) of each vertebrae of the spine.. Yes, directly on the spine. Press slowly and carefully in with each out-breath, and release slowly with each inhalation, moving down the spine.

Hold her with flat palms on the center of her chest at her sternum,and simultaneously sliding a hand between her shoulder blades, under her back--directly below your hand on her sternum.

On her hand and wrist are pericardium points that can help with anxiety, emotions, and support and protect the emotional centers.

HOld one hand on her kidney area, and one on her uterus area on her belly. Just hold, breathe, feel what her body response is. Allow her space to feel her emptiness, or grief, her emotions.

Spleen meridian will help the body process the hormonal changes.

Put something warm on her belly, a flax bag to put weight and warmth there. Giving her space to feel that emptiness. Or warm stones.

Light a candle for the loss, as you start the session. Speak openly about it, giving her permission to share. You may want to ask questions like: Is there something she wants to say to baby? Something she wants it to know... WHat does her body want in caring as it transitions without baby. Does she feel a gift from baby to her? What gift did she perhaps give to it?


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