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Taking Care of Business in the Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy

This article was written by Katie Moore. Katie is an active writer within the blogging community who discusses maternity, motherhood, prenatal health, childbirth and other topics within this niche.  
As an expectant mother's delivery date approaches, she may feel a little nervous if she feels unprepared for the arrival of her newborn. Here are a few simple steps to follow and check off to help eliminate those nervous feelings and prepare for the excitement that motherhood will bring.
Take Care of Herself and Her Baby
A pregnant woman's first priority should be to take care of herself and her baby.  She may feel exhausted as her body changes and she may be too uncomfortable to get a full night's sleep. If at all possible, women should nap during the day to help with fatigue. 
Exercise is also recommended for women during pregnancy. It can help minimize excessive weight gain and more importantly can help during labor and delivery, as it increases endurance and lessens the likelihood of needing medical intervention. If a woman wasn’t previously exercising before her pregnancy, it is still possible to start with a trainer or program specifically designed for pregnant women. Whether a woman was previously active or not, speaking to doctor before starting any new health program is always advised.

Expectant mothers should also care for themselves by eating frequent, nourishing meals.  If a mother cannot eat much due to a growing uterus, each food item should be chosen to provide the maximum food value.  
Take Care of Her Family & Home
Expectant mothers should begin to prepare their other children for the realities of life with an infant. Allowing siblings to help set up the crib and choose baby items will help them bond with the idea of a new baby sibling before it even arrives.  Mothers should make arrangements with friends and family in the last trimester for childcare in the event of an emergency. Children should be familiar with the chosen person so that they will be comfortable and happy while their mother is in the hospital.
Many mothers worry about keeping the house clean and having the laundry done yet they may have little energy for such basic things in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Mothers can ask close family and friends for help with getting the house prepared; many family members and friends will love to help a mother in this exciting time in her life. 
Preparing the nursery can be a fun time to bring a space to life and make the reality of the coming newborn sink in. This is another area where it is important to get help from family and friends. A pregnant woman should not be using paint to change the wall color, as it’s possible paints can contain harmful toxins, and shouldn’t strain herself moving heavy furniture. Other than a crib, a changing table, dresser and rocking chair are some other furniture suggestions for the nursery. Have plenty of diapers, wipes, lotions and powder ready near the changing table and have all the linens and clothes for your baby washed before using them.
Take Care of Hospital Arrangements
Expectant mothers delivering at a hospital should pre-register before their due date. Babies run on their own schedule and most mothers are glad that the paperwork is taken care of ahead of time when they go into labor.  An expectant mother should also check with her doctor or midwife to make sure that she understands when she should call her or him, and the circumstances under which she should come to the hospital sooner than anticipated.
An expecting mother can attend a childbirth class regardless of how many children she already has. Childbirth classes are intended to prepare couples for what to expect during labor and birth, and are often taught at the hospital or birth center where they plan to deliver.Childbirth educators teach signs of labor, pain management options for delivery and information about optional procedures for after such as circumcision and cord blood banking--when the umbilical cord blood is collected and stored to be used in the future to treat potential medical illnesses that affect the family.
To help minimize the feeling of overwhelm in the last trimester, mothers can focus on some of these most important things. Expectant mothers will have more peace of mind when they learn to prioritize and let go of the little things for these last few weeks.
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