Monday, December 17, 2012

Prenatal Perineal Massage

A midwife writes on her blog, "Folklore abounds about doing perineal massage prenatally. No other species of mammal does this. Advising a woman to do perineal massage in pregnancy implies a lack of confidence that her tissues have been designed perfectly to give birth to her infant."

I would agree with this if we lived in our original wild natural state; however, in North American society women live in chronic stress, with unnatural posture from sitting alot in chairs, working on computers in a sedentary lifestyle, and trying to pull in their butts. Perhaps the majority having suffered physical sexual abuse, If not energetic suppression of their natural womb energies. All this totally impacts the pelvic floor, our root support of the body and feminine nature. Pelvic floor /perineal massage can help a woman reinhabit her pelvis, and revitalize tone, energy, and health that can influence the ease with which she gives birth.

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